Aperture VC and Impact ROI Expand Strategic Partnership To Include Research on Corporate Accountability

Aperture Venture Capital, an early-stage venture fund for diverse founders, announced a new research partnership with IMPACT ROI, a leading ESG strategy firm and a pioneer in quantitative research for the ESG and CSR space. Under the terms of the new partnership, the two organizations will expand the acclaimed Project ROI methodology to create co-branded research reports on corporate investing with specific emphasis on innovation and emerging best practices in diversity investing. Aperture VC will contribute anonymized data, business processes and use cases gleaned from dialogues with over 60 Fortune 1000 corporations. Aperture VC will also work with its fund investors to provide qualitative information that shines a light on these corporations’ diversity commitments and programs.

Garnet Heraman, Aperture VC Founding Partner, says, “this is an organic expansion of our work with IMPACT ROI in 2020 to launch the Allies in Action™ web forum that convenes thought leaders from multiple industries to focus on the corporate competitive advantage from excellence in diversity.” Aperture Founding Partner William Crowder adds, “we are excited about working with the IMPACT ROI team to co-create this much-needed research on corporate diversity investing practices. Our initiative will help fill a glaring information gap that has persisted in the market since I built the first corporate-backed diversity venture fund at Comcast nearly 10 years ago.”

Impact ROI CEO Steve Rochlin says, “This research partnership combines the mission-based strengths of Aperture VC and IMPACT ROI to harness the corporate profit-motive in the fight against systemic racism. Our thesis, backed by the groundbreaking Project ROI research, shows that companies that take a strategic approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion investing financially outperform their peers.”

About Aperture Venture Capital
Aperture Venture Capital is a first-of-its-kind investing platform that backs diverse founders building the next generation of game-changing tech companies. Aperture VC’s investors include leading corporations seriously committed to building an inclusive economy through partnership and collaboration. Led by seasoned technology investors William Crowder and Garnet Heraman, Aperture VC acts as the Diversity Investing API for Fortune 1000 companies that rapidly transforms their DEI commitments into tangible investment action. Press Inquiries: Anita Csordas, press@aperturevc.com

IMPACT ROI is a strategy and research consulting firm founded by 25-year industry veteran Steve Rochlin to help clients maximize their financial, social, and environmental performance. IMPACT ROI works to enable companies, NGOs, and government agencies alike to take full advantage of the landmark findings of the Project ROI research series, described by Forbes as a “godsend” for those working in the ESG, Sustainability, and CSR professions. Project ROI has demonstrated that when done well, ESG helps companies improve sales, share price, productivity, employee turnover and brand reputation.

Press Inquiries: Lisa Novick, 301-346-5432, 310629@email4pr.com

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