Aperture VC Co-Founder, Garnet Heraman, featured speaker at Fintech Islands industry gathering in Barbados

Fintech Islands brings together the financial services and technology ecosystem through discussions, collaboration, deal-making and networking. Join us to deep dive on the critical evolution underway in financial services and what it means to entrepreneurs, investors and financial institutions.

Im proud 🇹🇹
to announce that Ill be representing Aperture® Venture Capital
at the next Fintech Islands conference in Barbados, Jan 24-26. Ill be speaking on hashtag#artificialintelligence hashtag#ai use cases in hashtag#fintech, and am looking forward to sharing our perspectives on Aperture’s own AI portfolio companies – Pryon, Alaffia Health + others. Plus talking about our overall thesis on investing in AI during the height of the hype cycle & over the long term. Thanks to Andrew B. Morris and Mark Moyou, PhD
for including me. See you all in hashtag#Barbados!


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