Aperture Venture Capital

The Diversity Investing API℠

From inception to exit, we bring an authentic understanding of the challenges diverse founders face and the expertise needed to help build successful companies.

The venture capital industry has failed founders of color. It’s simply not built for the diverse communities that are driving the global demographic shift toward what we call the Multicultural Mainstream™. At the root of this epic failure are three disconnects that have plagued venture capital since inception: lack of capital, relationships and successful exits by Black, Latin and female founders.

At the same time, corporations have critical operating resources that startups need for traction and scaling: Large Capital Pools; Human, Relationship and Intellectual Capital; Product & Technology Expertise And; Sales & Distribution Channels. But corporations need a better engagement model for investing in, and creating successful outcomes for, diverse founders.

With this landscape in mind, we built the Aperture VC fund model around our Diversity Investing API℠ platform. This highly differentiated aspect of our model was engineered to nurture more engagement opportunities between our corporate partners and our portfolio companies. These creative collisions amplify trust and allow us to bring the best of diverse startups to corporations and the best of corporations to these startups. Throughout the process, we also track diversity & economic data to help our corporate partners improve their impact reporting for ESG/CSR purposes.